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Sales tax on your order is calculated according to the destination of the merchandise, since states have individual tax laws. Wild Mountain Trading Co doesn't benefit from the collection of sales/use tax and we remit collected tax directly to the taxing jurisdiction. We are required to collect tax on any order sent within Colorado where we operate a retail business.

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We offer great rates on shipping anywhere in the US. See our Shipping Information here.

Estimate Order Total

Until we know your complete shipping address in checkout, your order total is only an estimate, but it's a very good estimate. Once you have entered the specific street address where your package will be shipped, we will calculate the exact tax amount, and as a result, your actual order total.

How do I add a promotion?

You can add a promotion code by entering the Promotion Code field at checkout. If you are having difficulty, please review the promotion's details to ensure how and when it can be used.

Discount and Free Shipping codes should be placed in the Promotion Code field before the order is sent.

What if A Sale Price is Lower Than A Promotional Discount?

After you've entered your coupon code in checkout, we compare the new discounted price against the current price of each item in your shopping bag (including sale and BOGO prices, and multiple purchase discounts). We will automatically apply the deeper discount of the two, so you can always be sure you're getting the lowest possible price.

How can I send a gift or ship to another address?

If you'd like to send a gift, just enter the recipient's information for the shipping address. When you send to a name and address different than the info on the billing address, the invoice will arrive without prices included. Unfortunately, we are not able to mark packages as gifts.

How To Empty Your Cart

If you would like to remove an item from your shopping cart, set the quantity to zero(0).

If you're receiving a message stating your cart is empty, it may be because your browser is not set to accept cookies. To fix this, just check your browser setting and enable your cookies.

Why do you need cookies? Our site is designed to use cookies to keep track of the items you order during your shopping session. When you're ready to check out, all of the items are saved in your shopping cart by using the cookies. If you don't enable cookies in your browser, our site won't remember what you've ordered, therefore making your shopping cart empty.

For more information, read our complete Privacy Policy. If you prefer to order over the phone, please call 321-271-0748 and we'll be happy to place your order for you.

Note: Items placed in your shopping cart will be available for a period of time, but this doesn't guarantee the item will be available when you check out.

Track Your Order

If you already have an account, you can track the status of your order once it has shipped. Log in to access your account now. You will also receive an email notice once the order has shipped.

Having an account also allows you to access current and past orders. If you don't have an account but would like to start one, create an account now.

Returns & Exchanges

Returning online purchases is simple! See our Returns & Exchanges page for details.

How can I tell if my order has been submitted?

After sending your order you will receive a receipt page including a reference number and details on your order. The receipt page can be printed for your records if you want. We'll also send an email acknowledgement shortly to the email address you entered on your order. It's unlikely, but if you should receive an error message after clicking Send this Order & View Receipt please cut and paste the message and send it to us via

Can I change my order after it has been submitted?

Can I change my order after it's sent? Once your order is submitted, it can't be changed. The order processing begins as soon as you click Submit Order.

When will my order ship?

Once you click Send this Order & View Receipt the order is transmitted. This may take a few moments, so please don't double click!

You will get a receipt page that will have order details and an email will also be sent to you shortly after you get your receipt.

The order is then processed and shipped out. Once shipped, you can start tracking the package in our Track Your Order Status feature if you have an account. After your package has shipped we will send you another email indicating the package is on its way.

If you still have a question please feel free to either email us at or call our sales associates at 321-271-0748.

Can I cancel Backordered items?

You can cancel your backordered item by sending us an email or by calling 321-271-0748. Please include your name, address, order number and item to be cancelled.


As a visitor, our site automatically recognizes your Internet service provider, but you can't be identified as an individual. For customers who make a purchase, we do collect information on which pages are accessed at our site. We use this information to improve your overall shopping experience. We also keep track of information volunteered during the order and registration processes - and we keep this information confidential.

We use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving your personal information. On the Internet, when you see either a solid key icon or a locked padlock icon at the lower portion of your browser window, this indicates that the site is secured through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Pages requesting personal information should always have one of these icons. If you do not see one of these icons, please contact us to complete your transaction over the phone by calling 321-271-0748.

For more information, read our complete Privacy Policy.

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