STL Ocarina

spmini white

Ocarina - 6 Hole Mini Necklace, Sparkling White

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Be inspired, feel the power and sophistication of this handmade ocarina. It is aesthetically pleasing and offers you mystery, intrigue and enchanting melodies. Choosing this mini necklace ocarina as a gift or for yourself will give life new meaning. Prolong life by filling it with happiness, calm and balance.

It delivers excitement, passion, energy and love abundantly as its sounds fills the air. Feel the control in your hand or around your neck and know you have a uniquely crafted master piece in your possession. As you play you will feel your heart beat quickening, your mood subdue and your blood rushing as you are filled with the purest sound on earth.

Details - 6-hole soprano ocarina
- Accurately tuned in E Major
- Pitch range from E6 to G7
- Measures about 2.5 inches long

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